Start With Crypto

I have created this page for newbies, who are ambitious to start or enter crypto market.

If you are in India, this is very important to know for you that Bitcoin or any other crypto currency is not a legal tender for now but it is also not entirely illegal, if you are ready to pay the taxes.

Buying Bitcoin

Zebpay and Unocoin are India based companies and supports Netbanking & NEFT. CEX accepts worldwide credit/debit cards and provides option to buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

  • Zebpay (Mobile App Only) – Promocode: REF25671813
  • Unocoin (Website / Mobile App)
  • CEX (Website / Mobile App – Accepts Credit/Debit Card)

Most Popular Exchanges for Crypto Trading

Web Wallets for Crypto

Passive Income on Crypto without Investment

Steemit is a social media platform and free to join, it reward users for sharing their content on the platform. Earning with Storj requires to download a software from it’s website to rent your free hard drive space as well as an ethereum address to send monthly payouts form MyEtherWallet. Earn is also free to join and provide rewards to it’s users for responding emails. Brave is web browser just like google chrome, firefox etc. Since it’s based on Blockchain it pays it’s users for using it via advertisements.

  • Steemit (Social Media Platform)
  • Storj (Earn by Renting your Harddisk space, Signup on MyEtherWallet First for Payouts)
  • Earn (Earn by Responding Emails)
  • Brave (Download Brave Browser, Earn form Advertisements)

Hourly/Daily Faucets for Free Crypto

Eobot is a cloud mining company. You can buy cloud mining speed on it to mine different crypto currencies. It also provides free coins/speed on it’s daily faucet. FreeBitcoin and FreeDogecoin are hourly faucet websites.

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