About Me

Internet Marketing Professional

Internet Marketer by Profession, and an Entrepreneur by Evolution! That pretty much explains the story of my life.

I am a college dropout, with a keen interest in technology. I create my first website when I was in ninth standard.

I never had much faith in standard academic education. Rather I have always been a devotee of self-education. It is self –education that helped me know all that I know, and be where I am today.

My first professional venture was hackanonymous.com. While it was an amateurish venue, still it turned in good response. My other project, bbcnewsblog.com delivered excellent results too. This project drew significant traffic and good AdSense revenue. Eventually I sold it for $2100. All this brought in limitless motivation and recognition that I was at the right path. That was when I decided to pursue my career as a self-employed Internet Marketing Consultant.

I sustained my journey of self-education and gradually co-founded Scorpio Advertisers in 2009. Internet Marketing & Event Management solutions were the core services of this firm. Things did not work out well with the partner, and later we had to shut the firm down.

Currently Working as an Internet Marketing Professional/Consultant severing various clients in India & Overseas.